Anonymous asked:

Where are your favorite places to visit around where you live?:)

There’s a lake a few minutes by car that is nice to swim in… and further than that is the historic Lexington green and Concord bridge of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” fame… the bridge is in a nice wooded location, and is fun to explore! I’ve been there too many times to count. I’ve even canoed to it from a few miles upriver once. And then it’s cool to visit Old Sturbridge Village in (where else?) Sturbridge, MA. I guess I love all the historical stuff!

On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to, though never got myself to, explore the land where I live… I really need to do that! To find some hidden gem of a place where I can just hang out for a while away from everything… like some little water hole with a waterfall or cave or glade or something! Can somebody who lives near me be a exploring buddy with me? please! ;)




sometimes i look at people on my dash and i think

who the f—- are you

when did i follow you

you’re not posting things relative to my interests

but i can’t unfollow you becasue i can’t remember why i did

it might have been important

This is the most accurate post I have ever seen on here.

And I don’t wanna ask your old URLs because it would feel wicked awkward… even though I know you wouldn’t think anything of it…