Photographer Imagines What World Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

French photographer Thierry Cohen wants to show you what the cities might look like if they went dark on a clear day, and if the photographer focused on bringing out the stars. His project Darkened Cities shows recognizable cityscapes in darkness under the night sky.

To create the images, Cohen first traveled to locations that are untainted by the light pollution of large urban areas, capturing beautiful night shots of the Milky Way floating overhead.

He then combined these photographs with manipulated photographs of various cities (e.g. San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo, Rio de Janerio) to complete the effect.

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12) What are your 5 favorite songs right now?
Oh gosh… ummm… DON’T ASK ME!!!! hehe ehhhh
Halo 1-3 theme (videogame)
Touch the Sky- Julie Fowlis
Fix You- Coldplay (or Gregorian’s version… so good…)
Peponi- The Piano Guys
Lily Maid - Heather Dale
En La Mar - Cecile CorbelAnything by Loreena Mckennitt…
whoops you said only 5? uhhh… hehehe… sorry… I’ve got way too many that are favorites and I can’t choose between them all- I want to share them all!

37) What do you say during awkward silences?Well… I have kind of a difficulty trying to come up with anything to break the silence… actually, my brain shuts down conversation-wise and I more or less rely on my partner to break it… so I just try to enjoy the silence, of just being there with a friend. Who says we need to talk all the time?

46) What are you paranoid about?
I think I worry sometimes if I bug people too much, so I don’t ask questions enough or talk to people in the first place, even if it might help me…

57) Favourite food?
Everything! well, there is some stuff I won’t touch (see: seafood) but I love pizza, pasta recipes, cheeseburgers, steaks (especially steaktips!)…

Thanks for the questions! How have you been lately? Have a fantastic evening!


"To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
West, west away, the round sun is falling.
Grey ship, grey ship, do you here them calling,
The voices of my people that have gone before me?
I will leave, I will leave the woods that bore me;
For our days are ending and our years failing.
I will pass the wide waters lonely sailing.
Long are the waves on the Last Shore falling,
Sweet are the voices in the Lost Isle calling,
In Eressëa, in Elvenhome that no man can discover,
Where the leaves fall not: land of my people ever!”